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Marion Mahony Griffin: The Life Shaping Forces Of Nature, Community And Architecture

2021 marks 150 years since Marion Mahony Griffin was born and 100 years since the inception of the garden suburb of Castlecrag.


How would you like to live in a totally self-sustaining village?

A neighbourhood that grows its own food, recycles its water and generates energy for homes


​This village is made out of plastic bottles

Turning rubbish into homes


Why you should consider creating an office space in your backyard

A look at the “shedquarters” trend that lets you work right from the convenience of home


[WATCH] This stunning building purifies the air

The Palzzo Italia actually eats smog from the air, and looks beautiful too!


Cities of tomorrow: There’s more to Paris than baguettes and cobble-stones

Ahh Paris, you cobble-stoned, baguette filled, historic beauty, you. No wonder you’re known as the city of love. But rumour has it, you’re turning into a city of eco-innovation and sustainable planning too.


WATCH: Stockholm family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up

Would you want to live inside this incredible sustainable greenhouse?


Sustainable cities of the future: What will tomorrow look like when it comes to environmentally friendly building?

Awesome architecture and clever design for a better planet


Melbourne Uni’s Growing Green Guide celebrated at the Premiers Sustainability Awards

Plus everything you need to know about why green buildings are the go!