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We Need A Blue New Deal Too. Here’s Why

This is why we need a Blue New Deal, a pathway to protect and restore our damaged ocean habitats, and rebuild the blue economy.


How To Use Up And Repurpose All Those Sauces And Condiments In Your Fridge

If you are like me, you possibly have 10 bottles of sauces and condiments (edging towards their use by date) lurking in your fridge or pantry.


The Emergence Of Pre-Order Fashion: The Latest Addition To The Slow Fashion Movement

Overproduction is one of the fashion industry’s costliest and most environmentally damaging aspects. Is this the solution?


Transgender Rights And Climate Justice

We’ve pooled together some posts, podcasts, videos and pages which look at the intersection of transgender rights and climate justice.


People With Disability And The Climate Crisis

The voices of people with disability are so important to listen and include in conversations about climate damage, resilience and adapting to these challenges.


Let’s Not Allow The Blatant Misinformation In 'Planet Of The Humans' Damage Our Goal For A Fossil Fuel Free Future

Environmentalists around the world agree that the film has caused untold damage at a time when climate action has never been more urgent.


The Importance Of Sending Emails And Signing Petitions: How To Wield The Power Of Your Online Voice

You don’t need to be an influencer to have your say, anyone can use their online voice as a powerful tool for change.


How We Can Use Mindfulness To Help Repair Climate Damage

If we all lived our lives more mindfully of our environment, with more care for our fellow human beings, future generations and wildlife, then every moment would be so much more meaningful.


Calling All Water Babes - You Love The Ocean So Let’s Get Active To Protect It!

We can all do small, daily actions and if we all do them together, we can be a part of the solution.