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The Adani Coal Mine Is An Eco-Crime. Here’s Why.

This criminology PhD Candidate is arguing that anyone who lets the Adani mine go ahead is committing a crime.


What’s the Economic Value Of The Great Barrier Reef? It’s Priceless

Deloitte worked out the economic value of our Reef, but there's something that they haven't taken into account.


You Can't Talk Coal Without Talking Climate Change

The Galilee Basin’s coal will “improve air quality and lower greenhouse gases” is the latest claim in support of a giant coal mine planned for Queensland, Australia. It seems unfathomable that in 2017 lines where politicians are spruiking that coal is “good for the environment” are still gaining airtime.


Four Environmental Reasons Why Fast-Tracking The Carmichael Coal Mine Is A Bad Idea

Queensland's planned new coal mine could impact the climate, the Great Barrier Reef, water, and local species. Yet still it has been declared as 'critical infrastructure' by the state government.


Malcolm Turnbull puts 'Mr Coal' in charge of Environment portfolio

Malcolm Turnbull has re-shuffled his ministry and putting 'Mr Coal' in charge of the Environment


Waleed Aly explains The Government’s ‘war on greenies’ – Steve Price continues to look like angry, old, white man.

The Project's Waleed Aly takes on Steve Price and the Government's repeal of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act