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Fashion Should Be on Climate-Change Agenda in 2015 says Livia Firth

"For some reason the fashion industry is often ignored, or cast aside as if it was an irrelevance"...


Animals at risk of hybridisation in the arctic is a direct result of climate change!

Animals in the arctic are beginning to merge and create hybrids, and this is supposedly due to the climate changing!


Restaurant left-overs could safely feed the needy!

Food waste is a massive global problem, and homelessness is another one...


The French Government urges Australia to deliver a leading climate commitment to cut CO2!

France urges Australia to stick to an international commitment that will contribute to limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels.


New Solar Suburb to be built near Darwin!

Defence Housing Australia is building a "solar suburb" near Darwin!


Coca-Cola greenwashing to attract health-conscious consumers!

Coca-Cola has launched their new "green" drink in the hope of targeting health conscious consumers. Coke's vibrant green labelled drink claims lower calories with much less sugar.


Biodegradable plastic may not actually be so biodegradable!

A study by Michigan State University found that these additives may actually be doing nothing at all.


Costa Rica has used only renewable energy for this year!

Costa Rica has been using solely renewable energy to generate power for at least the first 75 days of this year, which is a record for any country in the world!


Power down and off to reduce your energy consumption

Switching the power off of powering down when appliances are not in use is a great way to reduce you're energy consumption, and save you money at the same time!