Sweden launches inspiring plan for climate action

You might already know that Sweden is a world leader in sustainability, with brands such as IKEA showing the world how big business doesn’t always have to rely on fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.

Sweden's coalition government is made up of the Social Democrat Party and the Greens, which means that climate action is pretty high up on the agenda. In fact, Sweden's 'Red-Green' Government has outlined ambitious plans that will make it the environmental superstar of the Paris 2015 Climate Conference.

“By setting ambitious goals, Sweden will take a leading role in the international negotiations on a new climate agreement”
- Swedish Government

Sweden's latest budget indicates that over US$500 million (SEK 4.5 billion) will be put towards technology and policies that will help to reduce Sweden's carbon footprint. What's more, Sweden's leadership will provide an example to other nations to create radical plans for future sustainability.

"Sweden is closing airports and nuclear plants, selling off coal mines, spending billions to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, increasing green spending in developing countries, and is determined to lead by example at COP21 in Paris."
- Dominic Hinde

According to The Barents Observer , the blueprint for Sweden's future will include "investments in solar panels, energy storage, wind power and intelligent power grids, increased railway maintenance, more public transportation in rural areas and higher incentives to buy hybrid and electric cars".

With these new measures, it's likely that the nation will become the world's first 100% renewable energy-powered country.

Congratulations, Sweden! We hope that other nations will be inspired to follow this awesome example of how sustainability really is possible.

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