The Study We Can’t Ignore: Pollution Is Causing Cancer Rates to Sky-Rocket in China

If ever there was a flashing neon light calling for drastic action on air pollution, it’s a recently released study on Cancer rates in China.

A study by the American Cancer Journal of Clinicians has revealed that more than four million people were diagnosed with cancer last year, and nearly 3 million have died from it. Tellingly, the rates of lung cancer in industrial provinces have increased four-fold. It's been titled an epidemic - and for good reason. Cancer clinics are now inundated by patients seeking treatment, with months-long waits for appointments only increasing rates of fatality.

Air-pollution and cancer: A credible link?

While Chinese authorities are inclined to downplay the cancer-causing effects of air pollution, research points towards a direct relationship, according to Greenpeace. The World Health Organisation (WHO) now lists particles found in air pollution as a group one carcinogens. This means that according to scientific research, air pollution is officially recognised as cancer-causing to humans.

The issue of air pollution in China has been on our radar for a while - but this research has boldly underscored the severity of the situation. No longer are climate issues such as air pollution a distant concern for future generations; people are being affected right now.

What's being done to tackle the issue?

There are numerous campaigns advocating for urgent action on pollution. GreenPeace conduct in-depth investigations on air-pollution, and have an ongoing campaign.

A new generation of eco-conscious architects and designers are getting creative about the problem. Earlier this year, we featured an incredible, innovative new building, who's surface actually cleans smog from the air… Genius!

Image: Gizmag

What can you do to help?

Whilst this study concerns air-pollution in China, the crisis is global. We all have a responsibility to reduce our emissions, and we all have the power to make a positive impact.

Conserving energy, reducing consumption, supporting local agriculture and considering green transport solutions such as riding a bike or using public transport are all great ways to reduce your own contribution to air-pollution. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our blog for more ideas… We're always aiming to give you actionable tips on living a lifestyle which minimises emissions!

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