South Korea just became our new favourite cycling destination!

In today’s good news: Korea wants the number 1 title for ‘Best Cycling City in the World’

If you didn't catch it, we did a blog about a week ago about the best cycling cities in the world. At the moment Copenhagen has taken the title home due to their giant elevated bike track over bridges and motorways, but Korea has just lifted the standard.

Copenhagen, Korea sees your elevated bike track and raises you:

An elevated solar powered bike track.

Korea's crowded highways have made many commuters ditch their cars and opt for biking to work. Now that cycling is on the rise, the infrastructure needed a pretty good update. So instead of laying down concrete and potentially cutting down more trees, they decided to build on top of the road, and create an elevated bike track laid with PV panels on top. Check it out.

The bike road is located between Daejeon and Sejong, just 2-3 hours from the south of Seoul. The bike track is now so popular that there are plans to build a new lane around the city of Sejong that will stretch for 217 miles!

Apart from the energy-conserving, money-saving, health-boosting side of this, just think of the solar power that will be harnessed by these panels sitting under the sun all day? We're so glad to see more and more of these innovative city-planning ideas come to life. Waiting for Australia to follow suit!

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