This shower recycles water as you use it (and uses 10 times less energy than a regular shower)

We've been thinking a lot recently about how our hygine habits have an impact of the environment. You might have read our article on how to cut down the amount of water you waste every day when you shower (spoiler: take shorter showers, when possible!), but what if there was a way to make the design of a shower much more efficient?

Enter the Showerloop, a new shower system that retrieves water that would otherwise go down the drain, purifies it, and then pumps it back to the showerhead. The water basically circulates in a loop, meaning that the water used on a 10-minute shower is no more than on a 3-minute one.

The Finland-based designer behind the Showerloop, Jason Selvarajan, created his invention to combat his guilty conscious after indulging in one of his favourite pastimes: long soaks in the shower.

If you're feeling icky about the water you're washing off with coming around to clean you again, fear not: the design uses several different steps to clean the water, including a microfiber filter, sand filters, and activated carbon to remove smells and chemicals from the water. Finally, ultraviolet light kills bacteria before it gets anywhere near to your skin again.

Another benefit of the Showeloop is that it's energy-consenving, due to the reduced need to heat water (because the water is already hot initially).

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If you want one of these for yourself, good news: there's a DIY kit available, and the whole design is available open source, "so that other people can build it, too, and help me improve it so that we make the best system possible," says Selvarajan. "It also allows for better lifetime of the product because users can fix it themselves and make it with local materials and services when available."

What's your top tip for keeping your shower and cleaning habits planet-strong? Let us know in the comments below!

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