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•Australian households on average spend about $50 a week on clothing, footwear and accessories, or $2600 a year. This can be a lot more sustainable - See more on our 1MW W ear fact file . Our sustainable fashion advisor Bronwyn Darlington explains you can easily save - $600 or more a year by making more sustainable fashion choices.

Welcome to the third post in our susta style journey, Repair & Rebirth.

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Those of you who frequent this blog may remember that our very first susta-style post was in this very theme. Check out some of our past tips for revamping pre-loved fashion here.

So many simple repairs don’t get done because we are not organised enough to take care of them when we need to.

It is worth investing in a small sewing kit and learning these very basic clothing repair essentials.

1. How to sew a button .

All you need are a button, needle, and thread, and a couple of minutes of time, and your shirt, jacket, or pants will be as good as new.

2. How to hem .

It's amazing how long an outfit can last when you learn this skill.

You can learn the basics here

3. How to patch jeans .

Rather than tossing  jeans with bare knees, you can patch them quite easily giving them a new life.

Learn the basics here

4. How to fix a ripped seam.

This is another very common repair. It seems that most often, the underarm seam on a shirt or the crotch seam in pants are what fail. These are very simple repairs to make, and require nothing more than a needle and thread.

Learn the basics here .

5. How to take in a pair of pants.

Another amazing trick to have up you sleeve, (get it?? - up your sleeve .. because it's about sewing.. ah, forget it.)

Learn the basics here .

Did you know:

Unwanted clothing and textiles make up 4-5% of waste being dumped in landfills in Australia - See more at our 1MW Wear fact file .

For some amazing inspiration on how to breathe new life into your old outfits, or any you may pick up second hand - check out our interview with Marisa Lynch from New Dress a Day. Marisa’s lives by the saying 'one person’s trash is another persons treasure!'. She explains: “I love finding vintage goodies that may not fit me perfectly or translate well with the current state of fashion and then make them work on me. (Thank you Tim Gunn – “make it work” has become my mantra)”

We would absolutely love you to share your own DIY projects with us in our 1MW photo a day challenge

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Check in next week for our next installment, knowledge and research.

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