[Pictures] Check out these amazing upcycled Christmas trees

Why go with plastic or pine when you could make a Christmas tree about just about ANYTHING?

Here are some of our favourite Christmas tree alternatives:

Bubble wrap and sheet metal

Perfect way to reuse that bubble wrap that came with a gift from a relative (no matter how many times you remind them that you're trying to avoid single-use plastics!)

(My Shabby Chateau)


(Trendhunter and My Scandinavian Home)

Gloves (Perfect for your local medical centre)

Of course, we're not massive fans of disposable gloves, but this isn't a bad way to upcycle waste that would otherwise end up in landfill! If you're interested, check out these zero waste rubber gloves, which can be composted!



(Family Sponge)

Cupcakes (may not last until Christmas based on how delicious this looks)





(Steph Newman)

And this guy….


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Send us pictures of your upcycled, no-waste festive season!

[Banner Image: Shutterstock]

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