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Food waste is against all logic in a world where food insecurity and starvation is a very real reality for many.

It's estimated that 20% of the food we purchase in Australia is wasted. The sheer volume of this is disturbing. Especially in relation to the fact that 2 million people rely on food relief in Australia each year.

However, it's also important to envisage the decomposing vegetables en masse, producing huge amounts of methane gas, which, over a five-year period, traps 100 times the amount of heat in the atmosphere than c02 leading to increased global warming.

Reducing food waste is something we can all continually work on. These 1 Million Women top posts will help you become a master at preventing good food and your hard earned dollars from ending up in the trash.

Get all the facts! We've created this handy infographic "Food waste facts to make you think twice"

You can immediately stop throwing away perfectly good food scraps. The veggies and fruits in the blog post below are ones you can eat from root to shoot – no waste required!

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Letting food scraps go to waste, even things like potato peels, means water and CO2 pollution embedded in producing the food has been in vain. Potato peel chips are a wonderful way to make sure this doesn't happen. PLUS they taste bloody good!

Try this! Baked Potato Peel Chips

Did you know you can turn any old produce and kitchen scraps into cleaning materials? or make your own compost bin to put them in and your garden will love you forever!

Try this! How to turn food scraps into cleaning material

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We're so excited that waste-free shops and cafes are starting to pop up around the world, and we hope that these trailblazers can inspire other businesses to follow suit and say "NO" to non-sustainability, wastefulness and non-renewables. Here is one positive story we love...

Get inspired! Germany's zero waste supermarket and why we love it

Here are a few other tips reducing food waste:

Barter any leftover produce you have with these helpful tips!

Use up your leftover veggies with this hearty soup! You can use almost anything in this vegetable free-for-all, which means waste doesn't have to be a word in your vocabulary.

Grow your own veggies with our helpful cheat sheet. Growing your own food instills a true sense of the value of food, and it's not difficult once you get started.

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What are your tips for reducing food waste? Let us know in the comments below!

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