Our Top Posts To Help You Live Plastic-Free

Be plastic-free all day, every day!

The 2015 Plastic Free July challenge is officially over, but we want to help you continue with your new habits!

We've collected our top posts to help you live a life with less plastic all year round! Some will inspire you, others will give you the tips you need to just do it.

Plastic Free July is a wonderful initiative that has inspired so many in our community (including the 1MW team) to think about the amount of unnecessary single-use disposable plastic that clutters our lives. We can all reduce the impact plastic waste has on our world by avoiding it wherever possible.

How To Quit Plastic

5 easy steps to quit plastic (from The Rogue Ginger) - Follow these five everyday simple choices and you will find quitting single use plastic seamless.

[Infographic] How to get plastic out of your life! - Helpful tips to finding environmentally friendly alternatives to the plastic that can sneak into your everyday life.

2 common questions about kicking the single-use plastic habit answered - But what about the plastic in...? Answering the common questions repeated often by those who may starting to kick the plastic habit.

Finding Your Plastic-Free Groove

How to throw a plastic-free morning tea - Invite your friends, family, and colleagues. Just don't invite plastic. Throwing an event sans plastic is much easier than you'd think. Read how to make it happen!

The items in our plastic-free survival kit! - Check out the essential items helping us to live without plastic.

Watch the video A Plastic Free Day below - Created by our girl Steph and filmed/edited/scored by her wonderful boyfriend Aaresh - Steph shows going without disposable plastic is easy.

Inspiring Stories

Melbourne's Erin Rhoads has lived two years plastic free! - Plastic-free living is totally possible, and Erin Rhoads (A.K.A The Rogue Ginger) has been doing it for two years. Read her story!

Watch Lauren Singer Fit Two Years Of Trash In A Mason Jar - Remember our blog on NYU student Lauren Singer and her no waste life? She taught us all that a no-waste life is very possible!

Rebecca Huntley - 'I tried living plastic-free for a week just to see if it was possible' - Going 'Plastic Free' has made me change ever so slightly and become more aware of the waste intrinsic in everyday life.

Get Educated

There's 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our waterways - A comprehensive study revealed the true depths of the plastic issue in our oceans around the world.

Plastic microbeads in beauty products are causing damage to environment - These micro plastics are causing a macro mess! They could be in your facial cream, toothpaste and many other beauty products.

Biodegradable plastic may not actually be so biodegradable. - this one will make you question what is real, biodegradable plastic may not actually be so biodegradable after all!

Our Team Experience

Struggles, fears and benefits of going plastic-free! - Our small team decided to join in the plastic-free challenge.

[WEEK 1] Our Plastic Free July shortcomings, failures and lessons learnt. - Our first week didn't go that smoothly. It's all a learning process, and we've already learnt a lot!

[WEEK 2] Learning the Ups and Downs of Plastic-Free Living - The week we realised living plastic-free is easier than you might think.

[WEEK 3] The items in our plastic-free survival kit! - Check out the essential items helping us to live without plastic.

[Images] We made a plastic-free brunch and it was amazing - Good food and good company to say good riddance to plastic! Our plastic-free brunch was amazing!

We're building a movement of women fighting climate change through the way we live.

Join us and be counted.

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