Our top gardening posts to inspire you

Gardening is such an essential part of my weekend: Saturday morning is for weeding, raking, pruning and planting!

Whether you're just getting started with a few pot plants in the kitchen, or dreaming up a new project for your thriving backyard, we've got everything you need to get inspired to get out there and start growing.

Gardening basics

Five permaculture principles to help you start your garden: Permaculture mimics patterns that occur in nature, to make these systems energy efficient, low cost and with high yielding results.

[How to] Build a Raised Bed for Your Veggies and Plants: This is a super simple way to create a space in your garden for cultivating your plants, and once put together will make any gardening project seem possible.

Learn all about how to make your garden wildlife friendly and do your bit to help protect biodiversity.

Get started with something easy: Grow your own flowers: sweet peas

More than a weed: how to use wild dandelion: learn what to do with this plant that seems to pop up everywhere!

Learn more about native plants to create a gorgeous Australian garden: Finger lime, lemon myrtle, warrigal greens

Indoor gardening

You Can Garden Anywhere is our guide to what plants to grow indoors, how they can help purify the air, and which are the best parts of the house for thriving houseplants.

Make these succulent bowls from clippings and you'll have an attractive pot plant for your home.

In fact, you can grow your own succulents from cuttings and put them in any container. These grow really well indoors and are the perfect addition to your office, bathroom, bedroom or balcony.

Grow your own food

Grow tomato seedlings from a tomato, the easy way! All you need is a tomato, a pot, and some soil or potting mix.

[How to] Grow Your Own Micro-greens! Ever wanted some home-grown greenery for your sandwiches and salads? Get started with this DIY!

Get started with your own crop of Baby Spinach for some delicious, nutritious leaves down the track.

Love tea? Grow your own herbal tea at home

Learn all about edible flowers in this how-to guide

Soil and compost

First things first: here's everything you need to know about compost to get started with your own heap.

Practical tips and tricks for managing your compost better

This list of things you didn't know that you could compost is a must-read for any home composter, and will help you to reduce the amount of waste you're sending to landfill.

Why worm farming is a wriggly way to sustainability is a great source of information for every aspiring worm farmer. Learn about how these little guys improve soil quality and help the planet.

Fun and creative garden projects

DIY Ideas For Gardening With Upcycled Objects: Get the whole family involved with this fun projects that reuse old things you might find around you home or local thrift shop.

Do you have a dinosaur fan in the house? These DIY dinosaur planters will turn your home into a mini Jurassic Park and will get the kids involved in gardening, too!

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