No Waste Festive Season: Eco-friendly "season's greetings" cards

I have many fond holiday memories from school, where people personally address Christmas cards for the entire grade, along with candy canes if we were lucky! While these people were very sweet (much sweeter than I, who always used the 'being Jewish' excuse for never reciprocating by handing out cards of my own) it is also wasteful! Each Christmas season over 100 million cards are consumed within Australia alone… wiping out over 200,000 trees! Annual retail sales of greeting cards are estimated at more than $7.5 billion. Nine out of every ten households buy greeting cards each year. The average households buys 30 individual greeting cards a year.  That's a lot of cards and a lot of paper!

There are many other ways to wish people seasons greetings without having to use copious amounts of paper.

My Grandma has gotten into e-cards, I love receiving cards from her now, because they come straight into my emails and are full of beautiful animations and interactions. This way no paper is wasted and you can send a card to anyone in the entire world with the click of a button!

You can download a 1 Million Women Christmas e-card (which includes 3 delicious festive recipes) online for a donation of your choice!

Get your e-card by clicking here.

If you're not all that into the e-card idea, what about making your own cards? Here are 3 great ideas:

Recycled paper and buttons

Two kinds of recycled paper

If you're feeling extra crafty

Another option is instead of going to a news agency and buying 50 plain and unoriginal cards, instead opt for eco-friendly cards. Check out Biome for their Eco Christmas Cards collection. The paper is all recycled and written on with soy ink.

So this Festive Season, let the merry times be many and the waste be none!


In the days leading up to Christmas, 1 Million Women will offer an alternative to what has turned into a hugely consumerist holiday. We give you a path to take on which you can ignore the external pressures telling you to ‘buy more’ and that ‘the more you buy the happier you will make your loved ones’.

The Festive season is a time to share with your loved ones.

Take up the personal challenge, join us for a ‘No Waste Festive Season’! Register here and we’ll support you every step of the way.