No Waste Christmas: shop local this holiday season

Tis the season to shop local!

Why? I can give you 5 good reasons.

1.  First reason is simple, when you shop local more money stays in the local economy and supports local, small and up and coming business. It also provides employment and specialised skills for people in your community.

2.   Local businesses give locally. They know your community and support it and each other. A great example is The Creatory in Summer Hill, they give a platform to local crafters by showcasing and selling their products AND they offer workshops for things like jewellery making and knitting for members of the community.  There will be something very similar close to you, just check out google.

3.  Have you ever noticed the choice and diversity associated with locally owned stores? Some people call it character, but the truth is these people know what works because they know what you like. Places like the Finders Keepers Markets and Christmas Artisans Markets allow you to see a lot of these unique local stores in one place and the array of choice, colour and thought put into every product can only come from items created with love.

4. Large chain stores mass produce their products to be fast and cheap, meaning you may feel like you're getting a bargain in the short term but these products won't last. Chain stores waste resources, the factories produce higher amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - I could go on, but I think you get the idea. The entire concept of stocking fillers is based around these fast and cheap products. Rethink these gifts, and invest in one quality gift made with love that will last.

5.  Shopping local means more expertise and more attentive customer service. These people get to know and love you because you know and love them. Shopping local means connecting with your community and that's much more important than money.

Do your community a favour this Christmas:  shop local.

Not sure where to start? Here's a list of christmas markets around Australia this year.