New blade-less wind turbine breaking the conventional windmill design

Another addition to the renewable energy field! It's so motivating to see countless innovative designs and inventions surfacing all the time!

Vortex Bladeless has designed a new form of wind energy, and state that it is "more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to produce energy." The Vortex Bladeless website states that their product reduced manufacturing and maintenance drastically and requires no energy or training to use.

Vortex states that this straw-looking wind turbine will reduce carbon footprint by 40%, reduce manufacturing costs by 53%, global power generation costs by 40% and 51% off in operating costs.

The Blade-less turbine is said to be quieter than a wind turbine and cause less harm to birds and the environment. According to Vortex it can generate more energy whilst taking up less space. Plus, placing them closer together actually benefits the technology itself.

"We tested in a wind tunnel to put one Vortex just in front of another and the second one actually benefits from the vortices given off by the first structure."
- David Suriol, Vortex

The company expects to produce its first pre-commercial prototype within the year.

Check out this video explaining how the design works:

However, in my eyes traditional windmills are beautiful. I remember being on a bus from Budapest to Austria and looking out into the country side, there were hundreds of wind turbines in the distance and the sun was setting beyond them. It was one of the most beautiful sites I have seen.

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