Makeshift garden

If you are limited of proper yard space due to where you live then this is a great way to grow your own produce in a small spatial area. However, we know that terra cotta pots and other planters can cost a lot of money, so how about trying some recycled options! Work with what you have. First you must pick the right produce for the space you have. Some produce grow better in larger containers, while others can be grown in smaller ones, or even hanging baskets. Here are some different recycled planters you could use: 1.    Bucket gardening If you live in a house or apartment with a small patio then you would be able to grow almost anything in large containers. Use old containers that you may have packed away somewhere that once contained potting soil or pet food. They should preferably be around 12 inches in diameter. For best quality, cut 1-4 inch holes in the bottom of the containers for water drainage. If you have less room, for example only a balcony, to grow plants on then you can use medium sized containers. However, you may have to resort to only growing produce that can be grown in hanging baskets. This also makes your balcony look beautiful! 2.    Take out containers and other plastics: Using take out containers, or other home containers such as ice-cream containers and tins, is a great way to liven up your homemade garden. Simply wash out the containers, fill them with soil and plant your seedlings as usual. For best results it is wise to grow plants that don’t require much root space, such as herb plants or cacti. You can even get creative and paint and decorate your containers. 3.    Light bulbs: It might take a bit more effort but if you follow the steps it’s quite simple to make a beautiful makeshift home for air plants and succulents out of an old light bulb. First you have to remove the electrical components of the light bulbs, this may be tricky but try following some online tutorials. Once your bulb is cleaned out simply follow these steps:

  1. Add a layer of potting pebbles to the light bulb
  2. Add a layer of succulent potting soil
  3. Gently place the succulent inside the bulb.
  4. Allow the soil to dry out a bit before watering it

Try these out, explore other inventive ways to grow your own garden in recycled planters and watch your beautiful garden grow.


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