Make your showers planet-smart (but still enjoyable)

If you're a fan of singing in the shower or chatting away to your rubber ducky while you wash your hair, take a moment to consider how your shower could be gentler on the environment. It's super easy, and might even save you some time and money.

Save water!

The easiest way to reduce the impact of your shower routine is simply cutting down the time you spend in there. If you're prone to hogging the shower for 10 minutes or more, challenge yourself to shave off a minute per day until you're somewhere around the 4 minute mark. 4-minute showers are something everyone in your house can easily manage, and you can lead by example.

Many local councils (and even plumbers) give out free egg timers that can be attached to the tiles in the wall of your shower. Simply flip it when you get in to start your timer, and you'll have a sure-fire way to know when your time's up.

Most mobile phones have a countdown timer function, so set it before you get in (and be careful not to wet your phone) to have an audible alarm to signal the end of your shower. Alternatively, pop on some of your favourite music (many songs are about 4 minutes) and sing along whilst you shower, getting out as you sing the final notes.

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Some like it hot

Heating water can be the biggest source of CO2 pollution in the home, accounting for 25%-plus, especially if you have a traditional electric hot-water system with a storage tank.

Consider switching to solar hot water, or a renewable energy electricity provider to ensure that you're not heating up the planet, too!

Go plastic-free (and all-natural)

Next time you jump in the shower, take a moment to look at how many products you're using while you're in there: face wash, shampoo, conditioner… the list goes on! Most of those products come in plastic bottles, tubs or packets, meaning that once you've used up all the gloop inside they'll end up in the bin (but hopefully the recycling bin, where possible).

A way around this is to consider making some of your own toiletries, which won't just cut down on the amount of single-use bottles and containers in your bathroom cupboard, but will also reduce the pollutants going down your drain and ending up in the environment.

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Below are some of zero-waste-hero Lauren Singer's amazing recipes for bathroom essentials:

What's your top tip for keeping your shower and cleaning habits planet-strong? Let us know in the comments below!

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