Kokedama: How To Make Your Own String Garden

Indoor plants clean the air we breathe (which is handy because air indoors is 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air), and alleviate stress levels. Like regular hanging plants Kokedama can really add to the atmosphere of a room.

Kokedama is a traditional Japanese garden method where moss is used as a container for the plants and bound by string! They are a striking addition to any living space, and easy to create. Kokedama are also really fun to make if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, so they're a perfect weekend DIY project!

You will need:

Moss (dried sheet moss is pretty good is good but moss from the ground will work too)
String or twine
A bowl of water

Beautiful hanging Kokedamas. Img src:

How to make your Kokedama

Step 1: Wrap Plant

Start by taking the soil off of your chosen plant and wrap it's roots in a thin layer of moss.

Step 2: Dirt Ball

Mix enough water into your soil so that it sticks together but is not dripping wet.
Make a ball of soil around your plant. Don't squeeze too hard but make sure it stays together.

Step 3: Add Moss

If you are using dry moss wet it slightly in your water bowl. If you are using moss you harvested yourself this will not be necessary.

Now wrap your soil ball with one layer of moss.

Step 4: Tie It Up

Wrap the Kokedema in string or twine.

Tie it off, and add some strings for hanging.

Step 5: Enjoy

You've finished one Kokedama. Now make some more and hang them up! Moss is generally best suited for shaded environments. Spray the bases with water every few days to water them.

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