Ironically, drones could plant enough trees to save our planet

Engineers can do some pretty amazing stuff, and ex-NASA engineer, Lauren Fletcher, is no exception. He’s come up with an amazing way to fight deforestation, and here’s how it works…

Ex-NASA Engineer, Lauren Fletcher, is part of a start-up company called BioCarbon Engineering that plans to solve the world's climate problems using drones to plant forests of seedlings. Amazing, right? The environmental engineer worked for NASA for 20 years, and wants to use drone technology to plant up to one billion trees a year. This is an incredible example of someone using our industrial leaps forward to give back to our planet!

“We are going to counter industrial scale deforestation using industrial scale reforestation.”
- Lauren Fletcher.

His drones will fly two or three metres above the ground, firing out pods containing pre-germinated seeds covered in nutritious hydrogel. The companies CEO thinks it should be possible to plant up to 36,000 trees per day, and only at 15% of the cost of traditional methods. Not only are they planning on planting trees, but they hope to build whole ecosystems.

“Together with tree seeds, we hope to seed in other species including micro-organisms and fungi to improve the soil quality and ensure long-term sustainability of our efforts.”
- Lauren Fletcher.

We think this is an AMAZING and sustainable way to re-plant the greenery we've lost over the years to deforestation. It's a little ironic that drones are the ones to do it, but we're not complaining! Any efforts to plant trees at this rate is an incredible step forward for our environment, and we can't wait to see the positive impact it will have on us!

What you can do

Plant trees to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere for everyone

Planting trees is a great way to restore the landscape, whether its 1 tree or thousands, and trees 'breathe' CO2 from the atmosphere. Our core calculation is that each tree will absorb 200kg of CO2 from the atmosphere over its main growing lifetime (we've allowed 30 years).

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