[Infographic] A Guide To DIY Coconut Oil Beauty Products

You can make everything from Deodorant to Shaving Cream using Coconut Oil as the main ingredient.

We've written before about how you can use coconut oil for pretty much anything. Today we'll focus on homemade beauty products using coconut oil that you can use as an alternative to store-bought products.

Why making your own beauty products is a good idea?

Many beauty products include a number of harmful ingredients that will end up being washed down the drain, into our oceans, or leeching into the ground in your garden after use. Microbeads are a big one to watch out for. They are tiny bits of plastic (even found in toothpaste) that are an ecological nightmare hastening an already dire problem - the global pollution of our oceans from plastic.

Those of us with sensitive skin might also find some of the chemical compounds in beauty products irritate or hurt our bodies.

You can also save a lot of money by making your own natural products at home. Many of the ingredients might be things you already have sitting in the kitchen cupboard like bicarb soda or olive oil.

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Health Perch have put together this awesome infographic which shows just how versatile coconut oil can be, complete with recipes you can DIY at home.

The only thing I would reconsider is the Lip Balm recipe which says to use olive oil OR red palm oil. Just stick to the olive oil, unless you're 100% sure that the source of the red palm oil is RSPO certified, and even then I would still consider just sticking to the olive oil because of the environmental destruction the palm oil industry causes (read more).

What's your favourite way to use coconut oil? Let us know in the comments.

[Infographic: Health Perch]

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