Incredible Images of a Modern Solar-Powered Home

Swedish University Students Design Solar-Powered Home...

Team Sweden , a group of 25 students from Chalmers University, have designed a functional and beautiful group home powered by solar energy. Team Sweden's journey started in autumn 2011, when the concept for this environmentally friendly home was first developed. In 2013 the conception became a reality, and a full scale solar home was built.

The 645-square-foot project aimed to separate the functions most crucial to an energy efficient solar building, increasing solar gain while minimizing heat loss. This was achieved through a circular designed living space with a large exterior roof made of solar panels to absorb energy from the sun. The energy-efficient living space was intended to foster group living by providing smaller private rooms and larger amounts of shared communal space throughout the home.

The home was also constructed with renewable materials (could this house get any better?!?). Team Sweden's building concept won third place at the international Solar Decathlon, earlier this year. These pictures show why. Hope you enjoy!