IMAGES: The Great Barrier Reef - Now and then

How has the Great Barrier Reef changed through time? These images will show you some of the natural factors affecting the reef...

The world’s largest living organism has shrunk by about half over the past 30 years as a result of climate change, ocean acidification, pollution and crown-of-thorns starfish, which prey on coral.

Natural and human activities influence the reef (though lately human activity is what's hastening the destruction of our beautiful natural wonder), such as the approved expansion of major coal ports on the Great Barrier Reef which could see 3 million cubic meters of sludge being dumped in the reef’s waters.

These images show how natural and cyclical causes effect the reef, and why it's so important, now more than EVER before, to halt the human caused impacts such as climate change and especially coal expansion. With the Australian Government set to make it's final decision about the expansion on the 31st of January now is the time to make some noise.

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Via Live Science

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JOIN 1 MILLION WOMEN! Our fight for climate action is also a fight to save the reef. Join us in taking practical action on dangerous climate change through the way that we live, the choices we make and the way we spend our money.

What can I do?

    • Email the Prime Minister of Australia and join us in urgently calling on him to halt developments that are threatening the Great Barrier Reef – send email here.
    • Email the Environment Minister and call on him to ensure the Great Barrier Reef is protected from all development threats – send email here.

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