[IMAGES] People's Choice awards: Wildlife photographer of the year

Handpicked by more than 20,000 voters, these photos show us of the magic of wildlife.

Photography has the important power to reflect reality in a unique, often thought provoking way. Wildlife photography in particular can instill in us a sense of wonder as we often forget the diversity of our planet in our busy urban lives. They show us how now, more than ever, we need to protect the wilderness as the land is not ours to exploit, but to share.

Of the 42,000 entries submitted to the UK's Natural History Museum from 96 countries, only 100 photographs were chosen. They're currently being exhibited.

Which one is your favourite?

All photographs have been provided by the Natural History Museum

Winner: King of the swingers

Photographer: Thomas Vijayan


Photographer: Darío Podestá

Finalist: Warrior of the grassland

Photographer: Anup Deodhar

Finalist: Berries for the fieldfares

Photographer: Joël Brunet

Finalist: A mother's courage

Photographer: Linc Gasking

A walrus in midnight sun

Photographer: Audun Rikardsen

Photographer: Peter Lilja

Photographer: Claudio Contreras

Warm up

Photographer: Marco Maggesi

Jump! Quickly!

Photographer: Andrew Lee

Photographer: Georg Popp

Orangutan orphans

Photographer: Yosuke Kashiwakura

The moat roamer

Photographer: Mac Stone

The ice jewellery

Photographer: Łukasz Łukasik

The gladiator crab

Photographer: Emanuele Biggi

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