[How to] Turn old pallets into furniture for your home

You've probably seen them abandoned on the side of the road, left in a pile to rot after a building project is over. Yes, pallets are those used and abused wooden structures used to transport heavy loads such as bricks or tiles, but they're also at the forefront of a surge in interest from DIYers.

A quick search on Pintrest reveals that pallets can be used for just about anything: chairs, desks, gardens… the list goes on! Below are some of our top picks for pallet recycling projects for your home.

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Images: Flick. Directions here.

Wine Rack

Image and directions: Wilson and Pugs

Garden Bench

Image and directions: Instructables

Planter box

Image and directions: Instructables

Coffee Table

Image and instructions: 1001 Pallets

Bike Rack

Image and instructions: Instructables

Head to 1001 Pallets for even more awesome ideas for upcycling reclaimed pallets

Have you got a great pallet upcycling project? Let us know in the comments below!

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Banner image: Shutterstock

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