How to Repurpose Beauty Products

Have you ever bought beauty products (we hope natural & chemical free ones) that just didn't work out for a face cream that's was perhaps to heavy for your skin? Or have you ever had your favourite eye-shadow fall to the ground and smash into a thousand pieces?

Don't worry, you don't have to just go out and buy new products.

Here are some tips for simple ways to repurpose your beauty products so that none go to waste, and also ideas to turn them into other things completely if they can no longer be used as a beauty product.

  1. 1. If your moisturizer is causing you to break out or makes your face shiny and greasy all day long, then it’s probably too heavy for your skin. You could use it instead as an eye-cream or hand-cream.
  2. 2. Sometimes we grab a lipstick in the store but once at home realise it's actually not as flattering. If it's the right shade (like pinks and corals), you could turn it into a cream blush instead.
  3. 3. If you have an eye-shadow that's fallen to the floor and broken into a thousand pieces, a nice solution is to turn it into a nail polish. All you have to do is mix the ground-up eyeshadow with a clear topcoat and you will have a brand-new nail shade.
  4. 4. If you have more than one broken eye-shadow, you might be able to combine the colours in a small reusable tub or pot to create a new colour.
  5. 5. If you picked up scented facial-wipes and they are irritating your skin, then use them as an all-purpose cleaner instead. Keep some inside your car or in a drawer at your office desk to wipe down dirty surfaces and dusty spots.
  6. 6. If the foundation you bought is too dark for your skin, there is a bronzing solution! Blend it with lotion, and slather it on your legs for an instant bronzed sheen.
  7. 7. Save old nail-polishes that aren't coming out smooth on your nails anymore, and use them to colour code food containers in the fridge. You could use different colours for dairy products, meat products and vegetables.
  8. 8. Before you dump your dried-out mascaras, clean off the wands and keep them handy for at-home manicures. The tiny bristles are perfect for cleaning under nails.
  9. 9. Save the tiny applicators that come with eye palettes for arts and crafts projects. They can be used to apply glue, glitter, and sequins to small spaces.
  10. 10. Save old toothpaste tubes for your next baking adventure. Cut off the flattened end of each tube, clean it out, and refill with icing to get fancy piping on pastries and other sweet treats.

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