How to have an indoor garden with limited space

Some people who live in the city are not lucky enough to have gardens, but that doesn't mean you can't have a flourishing garden indoors - even with limited space! Here are 3 tips for growing a little garden efficiently indoors inspired by One Green Planet.

1. Get plants that grow up

A lot of small citrus trees have skinny trunks with small pots, the majority of their growth being at the top. Any plant where the bulk of the growth goes up are ideal for small spaces. Plant them in skinny containers on the floor or table top, and guide vines or stalks to more available space at the top, complimenting surrounding furniture. Think tomatoes, bamboo, onions, lemongrass and beans for tall, skinny plants.

2. Get plants that are compact and practical

These are the sort of little gardens that go perfectly in the kitchen- plants that grow in small, compact bunches and that are trimmed and used regularly for cooking and around the home. Think Basil, thyme, and other small herbs, plus plants like strawberries and cucumbers.

Or alternatively think compact and beautiful, like succulents. They grow slowly and and are low maintenance.

3. Get creative

- Vertical gardens are a great way to save space and grow indoors! It's easy to upcycle a pallet into a gorgeous garden, check out this easy DIY, step-by-step tutorial at this link .

- Hang out! We might not all have the time or patience to create a vertical garden but it's very easy to install hanging pots from hooks in your ceiling or around windowsills.

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