How To Make Your Own Crochet Face Washers And Dish Washing Cloths

Crocheting is one of the best crafts to start with as a beginner, because once you get the hang of a few different stitches you will be able to make a whole range of different things! The only thing you need is yarn and a crochet needle which you can find at any craft store.

The type of yarn you use depends on what you decide to make. You can get nice soft yarn for your face or if you are making a cloth to use instead of buying chux then any sort of yarn will do - generally the rougher the better. Check your local op shop for cheap yarn second-hand in the hobby section!

This is a good video tutorial on how to crochet for beginners (and make a little cloth) or you can follow along with the steps below

Step one:

Make a slip knot and then continue to make a chain to your desired length (a regular face washer is around 30 x 30cm)

It should look like this:

Step two:

Once you've done the chain it will look like a stack of Vs like this: <<<<<<

Now, tuck the crochet needle under the second V along. Loop the yarn around the needle and pull back through. Then loop the yarn around the needle again and pull through both loops. This creates a single crochet stitch. Repeat this until you're at the end of the chain.

Step three

Pull through one more time, flip your piece around and do the same thing back and forth until you get it into the shape you want. It gets a lot easier the more rows you do because you've got something to hold on to. Try to do the first few rows loose so there's some give.

Once you've nailed a regular stitch, there are a bunch of other fun stitches you can try for different patterns or try a different project all together.

Check out this crochet produce bag!

Written by Briana Kennedy

Briana has a passion for the environment and intersectionality. When she's not hosting her community radio show, DJing or producing podcasts, she can be found outside, never far from the ocean. Her ideal day is one where she can fit in a bush walk AND go for a surf.

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