Hooray! The United States is doing great things to reduce food waste

Food waste, as we know, is a massive problem.

In light of this, we're over the moon to hear that Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut now have laws that prevent growers, supermarkets and restaurants from sending huge amounts of food waste to landfill.

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Instead, businesses involved in the production, supply and serving of food must donate edible products to charities and other organisations, where it can be used to feed those who can't necessarily afford to feed themselves. Food waste that can't be eaten must be sent where it can be used in other ways, for example composting facilities.

From October 2014, restrictions limit food sent to landfill to 1-2 tonnes, which means more food is ending up feeding those in need instead of rotting in a dump.

The US government is even making it easier to donate food to charity through new laws protecting donors from any liability resulting from donations made.

We're really excited to hear that more and more people are acting on reducing food waste.


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