This guy cooked $1 meals every day for a month

Budget cooking that goes beyond 2-minute noodles

When Josh Greenfield set out to cook and eat three meals a day, all for US$1 each, everyone thought that he would be living off fast food and 2 minute noodles.

But what the video below proves is that even with a daily budget of US $3 ($21 for the entire week), you can eat food that is locally sourced, healthy, sustainable and delicious.

“I didn’t want to just cook crap…I didn’t want to just live off ramen, hot dogs … I wanted to eat some of the best food I’ve ever made my entire life.”
- Josh Greenfield

Josh and his brother Mike are professional cooks, known in the industry and on YouTube as Brothers Green.

According to their website, "The brothers cook for all ages, shapes and flavors and spend everyday working passionately to inspire those in need to get out there and connect to their ingredients, to connect to their friends and connect most importantly to themselves using food as the vehicle for exploring all of this."

Learn more about the duo here.

Have you ever experienced living on a shoestring budget? Let us know about your top tips for sustainable eating when money is tight in the comments below!

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