Grow Your Own Green Pea Grass

Looking to repurpose some old jars? This might be just the thing for you.

Green pea grass is a vibrant addition to any kitchen counter and is full of fibre and protein.

Pretty, practical and easy to create, green pea grass takes just a few days to grow and you only need 4 things to do it.

What you need

Dry peas (you could also use fresh peas)

Jars (any re-purposed jar will do)



How to do it

Step 1

Collect some beautiful jars.

Step 2

Plant peas in soil. Make sure there is 1 cm between each pea.

Step 3

Sprinkle with soil and water. Make sure your jars are kept away from direct sunlight and keep the soil moist.

Voila! Soon you`ll have green and tasty peas grass.

Sprinkle it on a sandwich, put it in a salad or just enjoy it as a decoration!

[Originally on Instructables by Wonderwood]

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