Greening the commute

Work from home, take the bus - these are just some ideas to green your work commute...

In western culture a majority of our time per week is spent in the workplace. At 1 Million Women, we often talk about reducing our carbon footprint at home, but with so many hours per week spent in our places of work, shouldn't we look at our eco-habits in the office too?

One of which is getting to-and-from work. As Holly mentioned in her last post , reducing your environmental impact in the workplace is just as easy as reducing it at home.

Here are some simple ideas for greening your commute to work which you can try today...

Work from home

By working from home some or all of the time, using information and computer technology including the internet and telephone instead of driving your car to a workplace, you can eliminate 40km per week or more of driving. This means you can save an estimated CO2 saving of 32kg per month (384kg per year).

Switch to public transport

Make the switch to public transport to get to-and-from work. If you did this for 10km or more every week you would save an estimated 8kg per month of C02 pollutions (104kg per year).

Carpool in style

Try car-pooling to work. When two (or more) people buddy up and ride together, the number of cars on the road drops and so fuel, pollution and money are saved. Plus you will have some company rather than riding solo. It's a win-win.

Go Human-Powered

Human powered options like walking or riding your bike allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and get health benefits all at the same time.

Check out how 1 Million Women founder Natalie Isaacs' has changed her commuting habits .

There are so many ways to make an office more sustainable, and we will be highlighting them all throughout February - here's some we've already done...
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