Green travel on the road

As Easter weekend approaches some of you may be thinking of hitting the road, the perfect opportunity for an eco-friendly road trip. We all have that inherent desire for the endless road, beaches that stretch on forever and the rich, red outback. But learning how to go green on the road will make these trips rewarding and just as exciting.

Here are some tips on how to have an eco-friendly road trip: Take on the open road. Stopping and starting for traffic is wasteful. When you stop, don't idle, turn the car off instead. Stopping for a lengthy amount of time burns more petrol than to restart the car.

Plan your trip ahead of time. This way you can beat peak hour traffic and find the best and quickest route possible for your trip.

Don't be an aggressive driver. Slamming the brakes and speeding is not only dangerous but burns more petrol. Stick to the speed limit, be safe and save.

Pack fewer bags and lose the extra weight. Loading up the car with unnecessary luggage reduces fuel efficiency. Also try not to take more than one car. Fill the car with people instead of extra bags. NRMA tests demonstrated that loading a vehicle up to its rated maximum increases fuel consumption by 24 per cent.

Maintain your vehicle. Making sure your vehicle is in good shape and running smoothly can save you fuel. Check the tire pressure frequently; under-inflated tire pressure can increase fuel consumption. Making sure your engine is properly tuned before a big trip is a good idea.

Pack a picnic. Instead of making countless fast food stops try packing a picnic that you can enjoy in a park somewhere. There are countless rest areas along the highway. Finding the perfect picnic place is all part of the adventure.

Recycle! Although you may pack a lunch, it wouldn't be a road trip without snacks and it's inevitable you'll pick up a couple of snacks and drinks along the way. Make a plan to recycle the packaging. Keep a reusable bag under the seat for paper, plastic and glass and recycle once you hit your destination. Next time you take the family for a road trip, try all these things and reduce your carbon footprint.


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