Green Lighting Ideas for the office

In western culture a majority of our time per week is spent in the workplace. At 1 Million Women, we often talk about reducing our carbon footprint at home, but with so many hours per week spent in our places of work, shouldn't we look at our eco-habits in the office too? When it comes to lighting in your workplace, you can easily make these systems more energy efficient, saving money and cutting pollution at the same time.

Here are some ideas to try...

  1. 1. Remove superfluous light bulbs – that’s right, just take them out!
  2. 2. Turn off lights when not in use (especially overnight and on weekends).
  3. 3. Place signs in areas where lighting is needed infrequently reminding staff to turn off lights when leaving the room or building.
  4. 4. Replace light bulbs with lower wattage or compact fluorescents.
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