Friendly reminder not to flush your wet wipes

Please, please, please do not put wet wipes down your toilet!

A little while ago we published an article about the report from Sydney Water finding that around 500 tonnes of wet wipes are ending up in our sewers, requiring hundreds of hours of labour to manually clear out the refuse before the blockages cause overflows into homes or creeks. Have a look at these gross photos of just how bad the blockages can be.

500 tonnes of wet wipes are removed from our sewers each year, that's equivalent to four blue whales! (Image: Sydney Water)

Here's a refresher for anyone that hasn't visited the Wet Wipes Mythbusting for a while:

  1. Wet wipes are NOT biodegradable, even if they say "flushable" on the packet!
  2. Only flush human waste and toilet paper
  3. Never flush nappies, tissues, pads, tampons, wipes (even if they claim to be "flushable"!), cotton buds, dental floss, fats and oils, or rags.
  4. Let those around you at your home, your workplace and in your community know about the huge amount of damage that wet wipes cause to our sewerage system.
  5. You may be liable for fines or damage repair if you do not heed these warnings!
A lot people think they (wet wipes) disintegrate, but they actually form a hard ball, like concrete.
- ACE Body Corporate Management chief executive Stephen Raff

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