Did you know? About 30% of clothing exported in the world comes out of China!

By the time it gets to you, it may have travelled tens of thousands of kilometres, especially if you buy online from overseas, for airfreight delivery within days. When it comes to transport, sea freight is the greenest shipping method, and train shipping can be pretty efficient too.
The slower the shipping, in general, the greener it is. Airfreight emits about five times as much carbon dioxide, per kilogram of material shipped, compared to truck freight. Rail freight is much more efficient—about twice as efficient as trucks, on average – but if you are buying from overseas then it can’t come by rail or truck.

Here's another fun fashion fact! - Every $1 we spend on clothes and accessories means roughly 1 kilo of CO2 pollution in the production chain, before we become the owners. Yet over 70% of the negative environmental footprint associated with what we wear - things like energy use, water consumption and pollution - can come from how we care for our clothes, especially washing, drying and dry-cleaning.

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