Famous directors agree to take on climate change!

I was watching Entourage last week and wondering how on earth could you make the film production industry sustainable? Think of everything that goes into making a film, and how wasteful that all is. So, the question remains, can we create a greener film industry?

The answer is yes, and we must! Our society is shifting towards an environmentally conscious and sustainable future, and that means that every aspect must contribute to this shift. It's not okay to excuse certain industries or parts of society purely because it might be more difficult to change. And that is why this is such great news!

Major film directors including Wim Wenders (director of Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire), Bernardo Bertolucci (The Dreamers) and Fernando Meirelles (City of God) have all committed to backing the climate change initiative Film 4 Climate, which seeks to encourage the film and entertainment industry to take action on climate change through their production.

According to the Guardian,

Bertolucci said: "There is no doubt the Earth is in danger. I am looking forward to see testimonies about the climate changes." Wenders added: "To combat climate change is one of the major tasks of our generation."

Film4Climate held their first forum at Mexico's Guadalajara international film festival in March this year. Film4Climate is spearheaded by the World Bank Group's Connect4Climate initiative, a group committed to developing concrete plans to mitigate the environmental impact of film production.

During the forum in March, panel discussions were held exploring the challenges and strategies to create a greener film industry. One idea that was proposed during discussions called on film institutes and commissions all over the world to allocate a percentage of their budgets to films to protocols that reduce the productions' carbon footprint.

Film4Climate is being presented at Cannes as we speak, very interested and excited to see what actions they come up with! This could be a whole new era for film, and what a great one it will be!

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