Even Prince Charles is divesting from fossil fuels!

The Prince of Whales... oops... Wales... is shunning fossil fuels!

The Financial Times states that Prince Charles does not usually publicly comment on his finances, however sources from the Buckingham Palace confirmed that "his private investments and his charitable foundation do not have any fossil fuel holdings".

If the Prince can do it, then so can everyone who hold positions of power!

Now, I have never really been one for trends, against the grain is usually my philosophy. But when it comes to Climate Change and our planet, this divestment-from-fossil-fuels trend is the best thing I have ever seen!

As environmental activists, we are constantly against big CEO's and corporations, and rightly so. But when they start showing some positive action, it's hard to be angry. Seven foundations say they have decided fossil fuel companies are "no longer sound investments".

Many big corporations have divested from fossil fuels and are taking positive climate action. According to Grist, 43 CEOs of major international corporations, which are most commonly seen as the enemy, have signed an open letter to world leaders asking for them to get off their asses and make some proper commitments at the Paris climate talks this year. The list of companies they represent includes Volvo, Unilever, Dow Chemical, IKEA, Toshiba, and Royal Philips.

They call for respectable emissions-reduction targets from countries, a price on carbon, increased renewable energy research, and an end to deforestation! And in return, these big corporations will reduce their companies' carbon footprints, consider climate change within the boardroom, and act as climate action ambassadors. Which is great, but is it enough?

The usual "damn the man" mentality might have to be altered... but we also can't be too easy on these big corporations. Recognition and initial action is great, but they still hold a lot of power and can make much bigger changes!

We as the rest of the population, and not part of the small percentage of CEO's in this world, call for full fossil fuel divestment steps from these CEO's and more than just climate change consideration, but a complete shift in mentality. However, any step towards a brighter future is a positive thing!

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