Enjoy meat without meat: organisations pioneering the rising trend of plant-based foods

Reducing your meat intake is a vital step in living sustainably. Here are a few organisations you can check out that are dedicated to reducing the livestock industry without compromising taste.

Watch this video and learn about how cutting down meat intake will help the environment!

The livestock industry is extremely problematic to the Earth, contributing as much as 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions. While that may not sound like much, it's more than the world's entire vehicle transport system – holy cow! Without change, this woolly situation could see emissions jump to 73% by 2050.

But before you get sheepish and chicken out, these organisations are making the transition to meat-free meals easier with their plant-based alternatives that taste like the real deal, with no health compromises. There is a growing demand in Australia for plant-based meat alternatives, so here are a few from around the world you can check out.

The Not Company

This startup from Santiago, Chile recognises that if 7.1 billion people on Earth must be fed, animals are not the solution. The group are using the necessary scientific knowledge, equipment, and artificial intelligence to make plant-based products that substitute the livestock industry normalised in their local community. Their main objective is for people to eat more healthily and sustainably without even knowing it.

Learn more about the Not Company with this video by Al Jazeera who explain the drive behind creating plant-based meat substitutes in a lab.

Beyond Meat

Los Angeles based meat alternative organisation, Beyond Meat, quickly became a huge sensation after it won the financial support from investors such as Bill Gates. Hoping that consumers will start thinking in terms of 'protein' rather than meat, the ingredients used in Beyond Meat products replace the protein from animals with plant protein. As the world's resources dwindle, Beyond Meat believes that manufactured meat alternatives will become cheaper than livestock and is already claiming that their products are better for you and less costly.

Impossible Foods

By studying meat and dairy at the molecular level, Impossible Foods select specific components from plants to recreate the taste and texture of animal products. Proclaimed 'meat and cheese' lovers, the innovative company managed to raise $106 million last year for their plant-based burgers that even bleeds to authenticate the 'meatiness'.

Plant Based Foods

Plant Based Foods are providing Australian vegetarians, vegans, and 'flexitarians' (reduced meat consumption) with the animal product alternatives. Responsible for the crowd-pleasers Tofurky, Match Meats, gardein, and Miyoko's Kitchen, Plant Based Foods are encouraging the protection of the environment and food security.

Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comments below!

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