The energy companies that resisted the renewable energy target now say they're earth-friendly

The Renewable Energy Target certainly caused some fuss, with energy companies AGL and Origin fiercely resisting the push for sustainable resources. Now these companies want us to believe that they're as clean as clean can be.

Traditional energy providers like AGL, Energy Australia and Origin invest our money in fossil fuels. Fossil Fuels cause air pollution, oil spills, acid rain and contribute massively towards global warming and climate change.

So why do these companies think that we will forget all that and fall head-over-heels for their rebranding as "clean" and "eco" energy providers?

According to Dr John Hewson, "AGL is perhaps the worst offender, spreading pro-renewable furphies through Facebook and Twitter while assuring investors sotto voce they mean nothing of the sort."

The company gets a lot of social media mileage out of their claim to be Australia’s biggest investor in renewables, and, in fairness, they’ve put $3bn into the sector over the last five years. That number is less impressive when you discover they’ve also invested at least $2.4bn in coal over the same period, including a whopping $1.5bn on Macquarie Generation just last year in a deal that catapulted them into top spot as the country’s biggest polluter.
- Dr John Hewson, AM

Here's what's actually happening with power in Australia:

  • In April, AGL announced that they would be phasing out their dirty coal operations by 2050...but their coal-fired generators are scheduled to be retired by then anyway
  • Origin energy derives only about 1% of their energy from renewables, despite their branding as a "sustainable" energy provider
  • Over 1.5 million people have already reduced their reliance on big energy companies by installing rooftop solar, while entire communities are banding together to form independent, community-owned energy projects
  • Only yesterday, Energy Australia got fined AGAIN for allowing 8.6 million litres of coal waste to leak from their own power plant into the Morwell River (ABC News, 28/07/2015).
  • Backed by Meridian Energy, Australasia's largest 100% renewable generator, Powershop is a modern power company that's designed from the ground up with the sole purpose of empowering the consumer and saving them money. This is the company that we are putting our support behind. Will you do the same?
The rest of the world has figured out renewable energy is the future and so have AGL and Origin Energy’s customers. If they don’t stop being part of the problem they risk being left behind with billions of dollars of stranded coal assets and armfuls of their own marketing greenwash, stuck in a twilight zone of their own creation.
- Dr John Hewson

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