DIY oven cleaner using natural ingredients

This is a simple DIY for cleaning out your oven using baking/bi-carb soda and vinegar.

Grime and grease in your oven doesn't just look (and smell) yucky, but it can also be a fire hazzard.


  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • A bowl or a squirt bottle
  • A dirty oven
  • A spatula


Step 1:
Remove the racks. Using a spatula, scrape up as much of the debris as you can, and throw it away. Most of the big stuff should come up pretty easy.

PRO TIP: If the gunk is REALLY hard to shift, try leaving a bowl of water inside the oven. Turn it on. Leave it till the water evaporates. This will soften all of the baked-on grime inside the oven.

Step 2:
Using about a cup of baking soda, more or less depending on the size of your oven, sprinkle it all over the floor of your oven.

Step 3:
This is where a squirt bottle comes in handy. Spray vinegar all over the baking soda. Use your fingers or a rubber spatula to spread the baking soda around so that it comes into contact with the vinegar and every dirty part of your oven floor. Let sit for 10-20 minutes.

(alternative: Mix vinegar and baking soda in a bowl to form a paste, and then spread that over your oven floor. Make sure to pour the vinegar slowly because it fizzes up pretty high.)

Step 4:Get a scrubbing pad (I used one of those metal curly wiry ones...) and scrub in a CIRCULAR motion, rather than back and forth -- this will make your job go by so much more quickly. Grime should come off pretty easily...

PRO TIP: If you use just baking soda (and no vinegar) and sprinkle with water, then allow to sit overnight, there will be much less scrubbing needed (but you won't be able to use your oven in the meantime...)

Step 5:
When you can slide the pad gently all over the oven floor and no longer feel any rough patches, you are ready to clean up the excess baking soda/vinegar mixture. Use a damp sponge and get it all out of there! You will have to keep rinsing off the sponge...

Step 6:
All done!

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