DIY all-purpose 3 ingredient cleaner for your workplace

With these basic ingredients you can clean just about anything...

Many of the products we use to clean our homes or workplace contain substances and chemicals that are detrimental to human health and to the environment.

Luckily, there are alternatives, like making your own cleaners from simple everyday products.

This post is more suited for people who run their own business, or work in a smaller company and can take control over the workplace cleaning. These tips however could be easily applied in your own home too.

Basic ingredients for DIY cleaners

  1. Baking Soda - Eliminates odors and works as a gentle scouring powder ( see more uses for baking soda )
  2. White Vinegar - An antifungal that also kills germs and bacteria.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration) - A great nontoxic bleach, stain remover and disinfectant.
  4. Borax - Eliminates odors, removes dirt, and acts as an antifungal (use with care around kids/pets and is toxic if ingested).
  5. Essential oils - Adding all-natural, organic essential oils to your DIY cleaners can add wonderful scents.
  6. Lemon juice - Fresh-smelling nontoxic bleach, grease-cutter, and stain remover.
  7. Fresh herbs - Make a fresh smell.
  8. Olive or vegetable oil - A wonderful furniture polish.
  9. Liquid castile soap - 'Castile' means the soap is vegetable-based, not animal-fat-based. Can be an all-purpose cleaner, grease-cutter, and disinfectant.

DIY recipe: All-purpose office cleaner

Try this all-purpose cleaner using three basic, inexpensive, non-toxic ingredients; water, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon juice.

You can use this cleaner for just about every kind of surface, from kitchen counters and appliances to bathroom surfaces, mirrors and walls.

The recipe:

  1. 2 cups Water
  2. 1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
  3. ¼ cup Lemon Juice

The benefits:

  1. -Hydrogen peroxide is inexpensive, non-toxic, and readily available. Hydrogen peroxide has stronger cleaning capabilities than vinegar and works much like bleach, just without any harmful health or environmental effects.
  2. -The acidic lemon juice helps break down grime and add a fresh citrus scent.

Keep it pre-mixed in a reused spray bottle in your workplace.


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