Discover why this doctor is trading free healthcare for garbage!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could trade garbage as opposed to oil? We sure do have an abundance of it, and no purpose for most of it...

Maybe one day we can, this sort of thinking has already kicked-off in some places. For example, Sweden is so efficient at recycling that they are now planning to import nearly 800,000 tonnes of waste each year to satisfy its waste-to-energy plants.

Could we be headed into a future where garbage is worth something, and not just rotting away under our feet?

Well, this incredible doctor in Indonesia also has this future on his mind. His idea, both provides healthcare for those who can't afford health insurance, and reduces garbage pollution.

Dr. Gamal Albinsaid is taking garbage as payment for his medical consultation. He realised just how many people in his country suffer from medical problems, but don't have the money to pay for medical help. He also realised, how many rural areas nearby were filled with garbage. So, he decided to fix both problems.

Dr. Gamal provides healthcare for those who can't pay with money, and as payment he accepts garbage. He then created a company called Garbage Clinical Insurance which collects the trash that is given to him by his patients and then sells it to recycling companies. The money made from the garbage is then used to pay for medicine and the healthcare for those who turned in the garbage.

This is radically changing the system, health should be a human right, and this enables people with no money to pay for their healthcare with an accessible way of payment. Trash is everywhere, and everyone creates it.

Check out this amazing video to see how it works:

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