Community turns beach waste into stunning sculptures

A creative solution to a serious problem

Washed Ashore is a not-for-profit in Oregon, USA that is focused on raising awareness about the impact of pollution on our oceans. By engaging the local community in an incredible art project, the organisation has managed to clean up the beaches and got people talking about the human impact on the environment.

Under the guidance of head artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi, volunteers from the local community have produced some seriously spectacular pieces of work!

Above: Artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi stands beside her giant Octopus, named Octavia. The sea creature is sitting on a pile of ocean debris collected off Pacific beaches.

According to Washed Ashore, "90% of the debris we collect is petroleum-based: plastic items, nylon ropes and net. We are able to use 98% of this trash to create sculptures"

It’s a labor-intensive process… dump, rinse, sort, rinse, soak, wash, scrub, rinse, dry, sort, test, sort, test, sort, cut, drill, stitch, twist, string, weave, design, attach, test, secure … but from it, a work of art is born.
- Washed Ashore

Check out some of the amazing artworks!

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