This bike produces clean energy to power homes in India

Clean, free energy for those in need

We all know that we need to radically change our usage of non-renewable resources such as oil and coal in order to prevent global warming from increasingly escalating. But then again, few would be happy to go without the electricity these energy sources provide.

Billions in Change has approached its latest in innovative projects by asking the citizens of wealthy countries to close their eyes and consider what life is like for the three billion people around the world living without electricity:

Not only would you have no cell phone, computer or television. It would be difficult to light and heat your home or prepare food without burning wood or coal. Your home would be smoky. Food storage would be impossible. That's how half the world currently lives. Now imagine the difference electrical power could make to those people.

The Free Electric project is powered by a stationary bike –or rather, 10,000 stationary bikes– which Bhargava will distribute throughout cities and villages in India. Each bike is equipped with a battery that holds the electric charge created by the pedaling action that turns a turbine generator.

What's exciting about this project is that it empowers communities and individuals in an environmentally friendly way: rather than relying on oil, gas, coal or wood for energy, the design utilises human energy to create clean power. According to Digital Trends, "One hour of peddling is expected to power the electricity needs of a standard Indian home for a whole day, including lights and basic appliances."

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The exert above is one part of the organisation's new film. Watch the full version below for even more incredible ideas for radically improving the state of the world for both people and the environment:

What do you think? Would you like to see more initiatives such as these around the world? Let us know in the comments below!

Banner Image: National Geographic

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