This artist uses his paintings to show the link between animals and the earth

This is a guest post from Louisiana artist Craig Tubbs

Louisiana Artist Craig Tubbs is a talented graduate of the University of New Orleans where he achieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus on acrylic painting.

"I come from an artistic family; my mother and sister are both extremely talented and work as full-time artists, he told 1 Million Women. "I always had a strong interest in drawing and I learned from my peers and teachers early on that I was actually good at it."

When Craig was around 19 years old, he decided to adopt a plant-based diet in order to live more harmoniously with nature.

"My sister is also a vegan artist and had been vegan for a while already, so I decided I wanted to live that way myself. My senior project was a series of paintings featuring various animals and situations inspired by my veganism."

​What I hope to achieve with my work is a change in how society views non-human animals. I desire equality for all life and I try to reflect this in my work.
- Craig Tubbs

Craig isn't afraid to use his imagination when it comes to his artwork, resulting in striking images that get his audience thinking about how we use and abuse the resources on this planet.

"My series of tree-animal hybrids is a combination of what I think is beautiful and interesting to look at, but also a statement about the link between animals and the earth. One cannot survive without the other. I enjoy drawing trees and animals in serene forests; not only because I find them nice to look at, but I wish for them to be conserved and untouched in the real world."

Craig works in acrylics, graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour and inks.

Even though I primarily draw non-humans....I respect all life. I still desire to incorporate the human form, and the great things we are capable of, in my art.​​
- Craig Tubbs

See more of Craig's work here and even get your hands on your own piece here.

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