This Artist Turns Rubbish Into Incredible Street Art

Portuguese artist 'Bordalo II' stalks the streets of Lisbon looking for trash to turn into art...

Using mounds of discarded plastic sheeting, old tyres, tangles of electrical cable and other 'junk', Bordalo II carefully positions everything to resemble animals and insects before spray painting it.

The end result definitely brings life to the Lisbon streets, and is an interesting example of recycling trash into art.

According to ZME Science, "Each statue carries with it a powerful message, because each animal is built from materials responsible for its decline. Bordalo II wants to raise awareness on the problems associated with waste materials and pollution: they are affecting wildlife, and by not recycling or reusing materials, we are using and wasting more and more resources, destroying more and more animal habitats."

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All images property of the artist

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