Apple just launched its own clean energy company

Computers, smartphones…renewable energy? Apple is selling it all!

You probably know them as the mega-company behind the design of your iPhone or laptop, but Apple has just announced that it's now branching into the renewable energy sector, launching Apple Energy LLC to sell the extra electricity generated by its various renewable energy projects.

And instead of just selling the extra power on to an existing company, Apple wants to deliver energy directly to consumers.

The clean energy will come from solar, hydroelectricity generators, and a biogas facility. In fact, it seems that Apple has been trying to do more and more to reduce its environmental impact, despite the fact that the production of its products involves some seriously questionable manufacturing practices.

As Gristreports, since the announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple has committed to producing mercury-free, arsenic-free, and beryllium-free smartphones, and since August 2014 the company has officially banned the use of two toxic chemicals, benxene and n-hexane, in its manufacturing processes.

But many hope that the leadership of Tim Cook will continue to see real changes happening at Apple:

​"Climate change is one of the great challenges of our time, and the time for action is now…The transition to a new green economy requires innovation, ambition and purpose."
- –Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Apple still has the ongoing issue of contributing to our global thirst for new gadgets, which has created a vast empire of electronic waste.

According to Business Green, "Around 141 million mobile devices were thrown away in the US in 2010, of which 89 per cent were dumped in landfill. Meanwhile, as many as 125 million UK phones are thought to be languishing unused - four for every phone in use in the country."


So, Apple is making strides to be more sustainable, but it still has a long way to go. The environment footprint of the company (when you consider all of their products, packaging, stores and offices) is just so large that these steps can seem insignificant, but on the flip side, because the company is so big, it has a wide sphere of influence and therefore its sustainability efforts are setting an example for the others.

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