​Amazing innovations transforming plastic waste into a useful resource

Plastic. It's in pretty much everything we consume, we make far too much of it, and it's a massive issue for our environment and even our health!

But it's not all doom and gloom for the planet: a few bright minds around the world have come up with some pretty incredible ways to transform this environmental nuisance into a useful resource!

Turning rubbish into building blocks

These brilliant folk over at ByFusion have worked out how to convert waste plastic into an alternative building material called RePlast.

"Our eco-friendly process is a low emission and non-toxic way to "upcycle" plastic waste from our communities, coastlines, and landfills into a readily-usable new product."

Plastic bottles into waterproof jackets

This is the perfect jacket for anyone who hates seeing plastic bottles getting chucked into the bin, or ending up in our natural environment.

Some smart cookies at apparel brand Colombia has launched their cool new jacket made from 100% recycled polyester, sourced from approximately 21 recycled bottles.

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Chairs made from upcycled plastic bags

Oh boy, this brilliant design from Reform Studio is the answer to our prayers: a way to eliminate plastic bags from the world while simultaneously creating funky furniture.

"One experiment after another, and after many design proposals, we came up with our first product 'Plastex'. Plastex is a new eco-friendly material made by weaving discarded plastic bags."

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Chopsticks made from repurposed ocean rubbish

Plastic is pretty bad, but things turn worse when it gets into our oceans and starts causing massive issues for marine life.

Luckily, one designer has come up with a pretty awesome solution:

"UmiHashi is Japanese for Ocean Chopsticks. Our goal is simple: turn ocean plastic from around the world into, durable and unique chopsticks. This way you can help clean the ocean by eating sushi in style."

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