All The Times Trump Was Alone In Ditching The Paris Agreement (And Why He Doesn’t Matter)

So it's official, Donald Trump has fulfilled his election promise that most of the people in his country didn't even vote for and has pulled out of the Paris Agreement.

As the Weather Channel has made very clear, this is not good.

Elon Musk would agree, this is not good.

The U.S. is the second biggest emitter in the world after China. So it would be bad if Trump really was speaking for the whole of the U.S. on this one, but we're pretty sure he isn't.

The Governor of California is a bit peeved that the U.S. is now going to miss out on leading the world in renewable technologies and infrastructure (probably to China, who just built the world's largest floating solar plant, just after the finished building the world's largest on land solar farm - guess they're not going to be the world's biggest emitter for much longer.) He's pledged to stick with Paris.

New York and Washington? Same boat. In fact, the Governors of all three states have said they are forming the United States Climate Alliance, a coalition of US states working to uphold the Agreement, "taking aggressive action against climate change."

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Chicago said this:

And on a particularly comical note, in the speech he made to announce that the U.S. was withdrawing, Trump said

But, whoopsie, the people of Pittsburgh kind've didn't elect Trump at all! They're sticking with Paris!

Just two of a total of 61 mayors in the U.S. who have said that they "will adopt, honor, and uphold the commitments to the goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement" in their cities.

Looks like the U.S. isn't pulling out of the Paris agreement after all.

Let's look around the world. We were all a little worried that a few countries might follow the U.S. and pull out of Paris. But has that happened?

Well, France isn't.

Luckily, it would appear that Macron actually knows how to make the planet great. By continuing to stay committed to the Paris Agreement.

So what about Australia? World's largest exporter of coal and one of the highest carbon emitters per capita, surely, you're tempted? Nope, Turnbull has announced that Australia is sticking with the Agreement (although this has yet to be seen in action, see: plans to build the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere when we know we're at a point where we can't burn any more coal, while our own Great Barrier Reef is dying because of climate change).

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Every. Other. Country. Is. Sticking. With. Paris.

What about the countries that were never in it?

Nicaragua: Didn't join because they didn't think the agreement was strong enough.

Syria: Did anyone really expect them to right now??

Trump's shown himself out the door on this one, and now he's all alone in the cold. We've got a whole lot of leaders here who have said they're going to stick with the agreement, and now all we have to do is make sure we bring the people power and make them keep their word.

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